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Welcome from Auckland New Zealand.

I am available for one to one bdsm sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 8 hours plus. Novices and the more experienced of all genders and sexual persuasions are welcome. All limits are respected-discretion assured at all times I believe that good communication is a vital component of a successful and engaging session and it is for this reason that I always have a pre- session chat with all My visitors. This chat whereby;giving you the opportunity to discuss in more detail any particular interest you may have.

Once the session is over you will not be rushed. I also consider requests for 'travel companion'.Please do make contact with Me to discuss further,if interested. I believe the desire to explore the fantasies of dominance & submissiveness are a natural part of ones growth,development & ones awareness,with many people at some stage of their 'being' wishing to explore & safely indulge fantasies,fetishes,bondage fantasies,fetishes,bondage,discipline,sado-masochism & power exchange.

some words re Me I have been involved and active within the fetish scene and related since the 80s;internationally; when the start of the UK Skin Two magazine ,fuelled My interests and awareness even more as I do remember catching trains to places that nowadays one is able to click on buttons to view fetish delights;and it is now over 15 years I have been practicing as a Dominatrix. I am a Dominatrix that can be as smooth as silk or as hard as nails!

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